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Residence permits

In the following we provide you with the document lists of the Foreigner's Registration Office Bochum for the application of different residence titles, which are relevant in the university context.

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Foreigner's office in Bochum

If you are a resident of Bochum, you need an appointment with the foreigner’s office in Bochum to extend your residence permit.

To do that you can find a list of contact persons from the foreigner’s office here. Please get in touch with the relevant contact person to make an appointment.

Alternatively, you can contact the Welcome Centre so we can make an appointment for you. Please be sure to let us know if you are unable to attend appointments at certain times.

Residence permits for researchers

Depending on whether you are spending your stay in Germany as part of an employment contract or a scholarship, for doctoral studies or research, you may be eligible for different residence titles.

On this page you will find the different residence titles, as well as the documents needed for the application. Further down you will find a list of the possibly needed forms to download.

You can find a more detailed list of the individual titles, compiled by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) here.

Residence permit for the purpose of study (§16b AufenthG)

This paragraph is aimed at students and can therefore also apply to doctoral students who are enrolled in a doctoral program. The main purpose of the stay is therefore the doctorate. Alternatively, doctoral students may also be eligible for a §18d AufenthG title.

Skilled worker holding a university degree (§18b (1) AufenthG)

As a skilled worker with an academic qualification recognized in Germany, you can be granted a residence title to pursue employment for which your degree qualifies you.

Blue Card EU (§18b (2) AufenthG)

This residence title is aimed at qualified foreign professionals. The prerequisite for the issuance of the EU Blue Card is a university degree as well as an employment relationship with a gross annual salary of €56,400, or, as of 2022, €43,992 for highly qualified persons in certain bottleneck professions (including natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and medical doctors).

Residence permit for the purpose of research (§18d AufenthG)

This residence title is issued for the purpose of carrying out a research activity. Planned mobility measures within the EU in the context of the research activity can already be taken into account in advance, so that subsequent visa applications can be waived (§§ 18e, 18f AufenthG). You must have signed a hosting agreement with your host research institution.

Residence permit for the purpose of job searching (§20 AufenthG)

After completing a degree, a research stay or an employment relationship, a residence permit for the purpose of job search can be applied for. The period for which this is issued depends on the type of previous residence permit.

Settlement permit for professionals (§18c AufenthG)

A settlement permit can be applied for if one

  • has been in possession of a residence title according to §§ 18a, 18b or 18d for at least four years (or after 24 months with a domestic university degree)
  • has been a holder of an EU Blue Card for 33 months (or after 21 months with proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language)
  • is considered a "highly qualified" specialist. This applies to scientists with special technical knowledge or teachers and scientific employees in a prominent position

In addition, further evidence must be provided regarding the securing of subsistence, pension insurance periods completed, German language skills, and basic knowledge of the legal and social order (Leben in Deutschland test).

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