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The Welcome Centre welcomes all international researchers of Ruhr-Universität Bochum! Here you will receive information and targeted assistance on various topics that are important in the preparation and implementation of your stay in Bochum.

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  • 23.09.2022: Tip of the Week (Facebook)
  • 16.09.2022: Tip of the Week (Facebook)
  • Due to the very high workload at the moment, we have to change our telephone office hours: From now on, you can reach us in urgent cases Monday until Thursday from 9 - 10 am. You can always reach us via e-mail, but please note that it currently takes us longer to answer requests.
  • The Department of Organisational and Professional Development is happy to be able to offer guided tours of the RUB Campus for all new employees this semester again. Find more information on our event page.
  • In the first three weeks of the summer holidays, ProKids will offer day care again. Visit here for more information as well as the registration form.
Schild Welcome Centre

Here you can find all relevant sites for international researchers at a glance.

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Here you will find an overview of our services, office hours as well as contact information.

Bergbaumuseum Stadt Bochum

The Welcome Centre organises various events for the international researchers at RUB every semester.

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Information for host departments
Welcome Centre for Hosts

Information on Corona

We have prepared information about the entry requirements and quarantine under Corona conditions as well as further links for you.

RUB also provides a daily update on the Corona situation.

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