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Services for university staff

Working at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum has many international aspects. From advice on strategic internationalisation to support in organising and financing international projects, guest lectureships or individual further training abroad, the International Office offers support for RUB employees.

The IO is the contact for RUB employees in all aspects relating to the initiation and maintenance of international cooperation and partnerships. It advises on the establishment and implementation of exchange programmes and on DAAD and EU funding programmes in the field of education. The International Office looks after international delegations at the RUB, organises and accompanies delegation trips abroad by RUB members and participates in international university fairs, especially within the framework of GATE Germany.

Topics and contact persons

  • Internationalisation of studies and teaching: internationalisation of study programmes, guest lecturers
  • DAAD funding programmes for international cooperation
  • EU education programmes in higher education
  • International fairs and delegations
  • International staff training
  • Cooperation with central partner universities of the RUB

Please contact: Iris Vernekohl and Randolph Galla

  • Establishing international cooperation: Initiation and financing, setting up exchange programmes, formalities and forms of contracts with international exchange partners

Please contact: Jutta Schmid

  • Advice and support for international researchers and the hosting departments

You can reach the Welcome Centre via:

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Information for hosting departments

These pages are still under construction.

You will soon find more detailed information on the above-mentioned topics here and in the service portal.

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