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Short-term stays with Erasmus

Within the frame of the Erasmus programme, there is the possibility to support short-term stays abroad with a duration of 5 to 30 days.

More information about the Erasmus programme from 2021/22 will be available on this website soon.

Blende Intensive Programmes (BIP)

Short-term stays abroad with a virtual part and Erasmus funding

What is a BIP?

Blended Intensive Programmes, or BIPs for short, are a new offer within the Erasmus programme, combining virtual teaching concepts with a short financially supported stay abroad.

The programmes are designed to increase digitisation skills in teaching and learning and to develop short, intensive and joint mobility curricula and activities (e.g. summer schools). The duration of the physical group mobility (5-30 days) is combined with a virtual phase of undefined duration.

How can I participate in a BIP abroad?

If you are interested in a BIP abroad, please contact the Erasmus team as early as possible and no later than two months before the start of the programme. Then the possibility of funding will be examined by the International Office of Ruhr University Bochum promptly.

What kind of funding do I receive?

  • If you wish to participate in a BIP abroad, you will receive Erasmus BIP funding from RUB as your "sending institution". The prerequisite is that Erasmus funding is still available for the project year.
  • The funding amount for stays between 5 and 14 days is 70 euros per day. From day 15 onwards, 50 euros per day are disbursed. The maximum funding period is 30 days.
  • Erasmus additional funidng: you can apply for additional funding if you travel environmentally friendly (including up to four additionally funded days for a longer arrival and/or departure) and/or if you are a participant with fewer opportunities. Relevant information will be provided upon approval of the grant. Further information about Erasmus additional funding you can find here :

Erasmus additional funding

Does a BIP grant affect other Erasmus funded stays?

  • Parallel funding with other Erasmus grants or scholarships is not possible.
  • Participation in a BIP does not count towards the regular Erasmus quota for students (i.e. 12 months per study period). Here you can find information about other exchange and funding opportunities within the Erasmus programme (e.g. semester and/or internship abroad).
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