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Global engagement

Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) is committed to sustainable and socially just development – at home and abroad. Assuming international social responsibility - both locally and worldwide - has always been an essential part of the university´s identity and is therefore also reflected in RUB's global engagement approach "Research-oriented - Inclusive - Sustainable - Socially Engaged" (RISE).

Global engagement activities are located at the interface of internationalisation and social engagement or University Social Responsibility (USR). The overarching framework and guiding principle for RUB's global engagement activities is the concept of Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society (IHES).

RUB consistently develops its global engagement activities with and for society, in line with the UN Sustainability Agenda 2030, and jointly with its international partner institutions. In doing so, it is deeply committed to academic freedom, respectful, mutually beneficial and trusting partnerships as well as equal opportunities and diversity.

Global engagement at RUB therefore focuses on a variety of long-term teaching, research and/or transfer-related cooperation programmes, partnerships and networking activities with international partner institutions from all over the world.

Internationalisierung HOCH N

Focusing on the UN Sustainability Agenda 2030 as a guiding principle is not only limited to RUB´s global engagement activities, but will also be systematically and strategically considered in all other international and internationalisation activities in the near future.

Precisely for this reason, the International Office (IO) engages in the university-wide "Sustainability Think Tank" that was recently launched by the Vice-Rector for Planning and Structure and the RUB Sustainability Office. What is more, RUB´s IO has set up a cross-departmental working group within the IO: "Internationalisierung HOCH N". This way, not only RUB´s global engagement and internationalisation activities, but also the operations of the IO itself will become even more sustainable.

Education and science diplomacy

RUB is deeply committed to free science, research and teaching and supports refugee, displaced or otherwise threatened scholars and researchers worldwide.

Education and science diplomacy
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Global engagement partnerships

Global engagement partnerships are based on sustainable and trusting scientific partnerships and networks, primarily, but not only, with partners from the Global South. They focus on globally engaged teaching, research and transfer activities in specific subject or specialist areas and make a valuable contribution to the UN Sustainability Agenda 2030 through education for sustainable development and responsible research and innovation.

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Global engagement partnerships

Academic capacity building

Capacity building projects and programmes in cooperation with and at universities in the Global South are among the core activities of the worldwide social commitment of RUB, with regional focuses in the following countries and regions.

Capacity building projects and programmes
Countries and regions

University without Borders

As a socially committed university, RUB offers a comprehensive set of measures and programs to support people with a refugee background under the umbrella of the initiative University without Borders. These range from qualification, training and further education measures to programs for social integration and integration into the labor market.

Initiatives for refugees/persons with a refugee background

In addition, there is a diverse range of international teaching, research and cooperation projects at RUB, which scientifically investigate the diverse and complex causes and implications of “flight” or forced migration. For example, in association with seven other European universities and three sports or diaspora organisations in the Erasmus + co-financed scientific cooperation project "Integration of Newly Arrived Migrants through Organised Sport: From European Policy to Local Sport Club Practice" (INAMOS), the various determinants of the long-term social integration of newly arrived migrants through sports clubs and derives relevant political implications from them both on the organisational and on the European political level.

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