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Education and science diplomacy

The RUB is deeply committed to free science, research and teaching and supports refugee, displaced or otherwise threatened scholars and researchers worldwide.

As a sustaining member of the worldwide Scholars at Risk Network (SaR) and a founding member of the steering committee of the SaR Germany Section, RUB actively promotes the implementation and protection of fundamental conditions for free science, research and teaching; both on the RUB campus, as well as in the context of its international partnerships and academic activities abroad. Guided by the values and principles of the Magna Charta Universitatum, this may take various forms of actions and activities, ranging from scholarly teaching and research over international advocacy to education and science diplomacy.

Supporting refugee, displaced and otherwise threatened scientists, researchers and scholars around the world – based on mutual respect and on equal footing - has been a special concern of RUB since its foundation: be it in the form of joint (virtual) teaching and research collaborations, hosting at risk scholars - also supported by the Philipp Schwartz Initiative and fellowships of the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund – or in the form of international human rights campaigns for unjustly convicted and imprisoned scientists, for example in the context of SAR student advocacy seminars.


The central contact for the diverse educational and scientific diplomatic programs and activities of the RUB is the International Office of the RUB, which also represents the RUB as a member of the Scholars at Risk network.

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