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Global Engagement Partnerships and Networks

Global Engagement Partnerships are based on sustainable and trusting scientific partnerships and networks, primarily, but not only, with partners from the Global South.

They focus on globally engaged teaching, research and transfer activities in specific subject or specialist areas and make a valuable contribution to the UN Sustainability Agenda 2030 through Education for Sustainable Development and Responsible Research and Innovation.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network „ADAPTED“

Eradicating Poverty: Pathways towards Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (ADAPTED) is the title and the overarching topic of the European Joint Doctorate (EJD), which was set up in January 2021. It is coordinated by the RUB's Institute for Development Research and Development Policy. . The consortium consists of five renowned European universities, six African partner universities from Sub-Saharan Africa (Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa) as well as four leading and internationally active European development organizations and think tanks. It works to close the existing knowledge gap in understanding poverty dynamics, particularly with regard to validating avenues for poverty eradication, analyzing interactions between poverty reduction and other policy areas and optimizing the impact of poverty reduction measures.

Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights is a unique global network of one hundred universities from around the world with the mission of educating the next generation of academics and experts in the field of human rights and democracy through regional and global cooperation.

International Digital Network University “Connecting Cultures”

With a focus on inter- and transcultural understanding, conflict prevention and peace research as well as education for sustainable development, universities and education experts from Germany, Austria, Russia, Georgia and the Ukraine jointly set an example for international understanding.

Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA)

The Network on Humanitarian Action, a network consisting of 10 European and 14 global partner universities, aims to qualify and enable international networking of young scientists and experts in the humanitarian sector. The focus of the network activities are the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Program in International Humanitarian Action, joint research and publications as well as a large number of other training and public engagement activities.

South African German Centre for Development Research

The South African German Center for Development Research, a cooperation between Ruhr University Bochum and the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, is one of the first and most successful African Excellence Centers for Africa funded by the DAAD. The focus of the activities is on the training of executives and young scientists in sub-Saharan Africa in the field of international and sustainable development cooperation and development research.

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Global Engagement
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