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Employment contracts

Scientific employees conclude an employment contract with the university. Civil servant professors and scientific civil servants, on the other hand, are appointed.

Besprechung Dokument
Besprechung Dokument

The salary for civil servants is determined by the Federal Salary Act (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) and the relevant state regulations. The salary scale for professors is "W". The salary for scientific employees in North Rhine-Westphalia is based on the collective agreement for the public service of the Länder (TV-L). Salaries are paid by Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung NRW (LBV).

Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung NRW (LBV)

The Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung NRW (LBV) takes over the calculation and payment of the salaries for all employees and civil servants for Ruhr University Bochum. You will therefore receive your payslip directly from the LBV.

You must sign your employment contract before you officially start work. Your institute and the personnel department will inform you in good time before the start of employment which forms and documents you need to submit for the execution of the contract. As an employee, you are generally subject to tax and social security contributions in Germany.

Search for work and unemployment benefits (ALG I)

Please remember to register as a job seeker with the Employment Agency at least three months before the end of your employment if you wish to stay in Germany. In that case you also need to request the certificate of employment from the Human Resources Department.

Service portal of RUB

In RUB's service portal you will find a "Welcome package for new employees" with the most important information about starting work. It contains information about the workplace (working hours, vacation, business trips, illness, occupational safety, procurement, etc.), employer benefits, interest groups, technical support and a lot of additional information.

The service portal is usually only available to RUB employees within the campus network.

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