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Welcome to the Ruhr-Universität Bochum's International Portal

Here, international students, teachers and researchers can find important information about their stay in Bochum. Students and staff will find everything about their opportunities for international mobility and cooperation, and we provide extensive information about the international profile and the internationalisation activities for the university.


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Welcome to our new website: The International Office has redesigned its homepage and the result is impressive! The best part is that our portal is now more accessible for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices - so you always have convenient access to our information and services.

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The semester has started and the RUBiss team has planned a series of events for all international students at the university.

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Here you will find information about entry, quarantine, regulations in NRW, etc.

For prospective and current students

You are from abroad and would like to study at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum? We look forward to welcoming you and will provide you with initial information about studying and your first steps on campus.

The world is open to our students, because the university is well networked: on every continent, via exchange programmes, self-organised stays, financed by scholarships or foreign student grants - a stay abroad is worthwhile in any case!

The Ruhr-Universität Bochum- an international university

For globally networked research and teaching as well as internationally oriented study opportunities, our departments and institutions cooperate in many active partnerships and exchange information with universities and institutes all over the world. A clear internationalisation strategy and the supporting services of the International Office ensure the continuous expansion of these networks.

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The Welcome Centre supports international researchers in preparing and planning their stay in Bochum. They receive information about their research stay at RUB as well as targeted assistance with administrative procedures and formalities.

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In teaching and research, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum cooperates in many active partnerships with institutions from all over the world. All faculties and institutes participate in the continuous further development of international exchange with universities, research institutes and networks.

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University without Borders

Services for university employees

Contact us at any time regarding the following topics

  • Internationalisation of studies and teaching
  • Establishment of international cooperations
  • Supervision of international scientists
  • International training / staff mobility
  • International fairs and delegations

Contact and services

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Introducing the International Office
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