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Pension insurance for researchers

Researchers employed at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum usually pay contributions to the German pension insurance (DRV). Furthermore, the collective agreement in the public sector provides for an additional company pension insurance.

German pension insurance

Contributions to the statutory pension insurance are deducted directly from the employee's gross salary. As a rule, the employer pays half of the pension insurance contributions and the employee pays the other half. The general waiting period for a pension entitlement is five years. If you have been employed for less than five years, you can either apply for a refund of contributions or the contribution periods can be credited in your home country. What applies in your case depends on social security agreements between Germany and your home country.

Occupational pension scheme (VBL)

Ruhr-Universität employees are registered with the VBL. Scientific employees with fixed-term employment contracts receive an application form of exemption.

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