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Erasmus Flagge vor Audimax
Erasmus Flagge vor Audimax

After your Erasmus study abroad

Upon the successful completion of your Erasmus study abroad, you will have to go through certain formalities to receive the second instalment of your Erasmus grant. The process should take you no longer than 30 days.

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Confirmation of stay

The Confirmation of Stay has to be issued by a contact person at your host university no earlier than five days before the end of your study stay. This document provides the exact dates of your stay at the host university. Please email a scan of your Confirmation of stay as a PDF file to RUB's International Office at

Transcript of records

Send a scan of your Transcript of records as a PDF file to

The host university must issue and send you a Transcript of records or save your examination results in a database that is accessible online. This document lists all the courses you have completed at the host university. Please check with the host university before your departure how you will receive your official Transcript of records. If the host university sends the Transcript of records directly to RUB's International Office you will be contacted to pick it up. For our records, a scan remains at the International Office.

Important note:

By signing the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) you agreed to acquire between 15 and 30 ECTS per term abroad. If in the Transcript of records less than 15 ECTS points are listed per term, a statement must be submitted and confirmed by the Erasmus departmental coordinator. If there is no conclusive justification, you may have to repay (a part of) the Erasmus grant. An exception can only be made in cases of hardship. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the International Office.

Second OLS language test

One of the prerequisites to receiving the second instalment of your Erasmus grant is to take the second OLS (Online Linguistic Support) test. Depending on the language of instruction you specified in your online grant application, you will receive an invitation to take the test. Again, a test for Turkish is so far not available.

If you completed the first OLS language test at level C2, the second OLS language test is not required and therefore you will not receive an invitation.

More information (only available in German)

EU survey

Complete the EU survey. You will automatically receive an invitation via email. This survey is an English-language participant report developed by the EU and must be taken by all Erasmus scholarship holders.

Student testimonial

Complete the student testimonial online. Please note that you will not receive an automatic email invitation.

Submit your testimonial

Study abroad credit transfers

Your department at Ruhr-Universität Bochum can recognise the ECTS achieved abroad based on your Transcript of records from the host institution. Please contact your Erasmus departmental coordinator and/or your examination office.

Send the number of ECTS transferred from your host institution to Ruhr-Universität Bochum via email to RUB's International Office at

The payment of the second instalment of the Erasmus grant is not linked to the transfer of your ECTS.

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