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Subsequent arrival of family members and inviting visitors

You would like your family to join you in Germany or invite family members for a visit?

Forumsplatz Familie Kind
Forumsplatz Familie Kind

Subsequent arrival of family members

If you would like your partner and children to follow you to Germany after you have settled in, they need to apply for a family reunification visa. The family members in question need to file an application with the German embassy in their home country.

Documents needed

  • Valid passport
  • Marriage certificate (original and certified translation according to ISO 9 standard)
  • For children: birth certificates (original and certified translation)
  • Copy of the passport and residence permit belonging to the partner who is already in Germany.
  • All other relevant documents for the partner who is already in Germany.
  • A1 language certificate (as proof of German language skills) if applicable.

Inviting visitors

If you would like to invite visitors to Germany who require a visa, you need to hand in the following documents at the Foreigners’ Office:

Documents needed

  • Valid passport
  • Inviting visitors application form (Besuchereinladung)
  • Declaration of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung)
  • Form: Instructions on how to save and use the application data (Belehrung zur Speicherung und Nutzung der Antragsdaten).
  • Tenancy agreement (stating the amount of rent and the size of the living area in square metres).
  • Your last three payslips and bank statements from the last three months recording rent being debited from the account and wages being paid in.
  • Fee: €25

You need to hand in the completed forms to the Foreigners’ Office. The required documents will then be passed on to the visitor and they will be able to take them to the embassy and apply for a visa.

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