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Studierende lernt in Cafeteria
Studierende lernt in Cafeteria

Studying and teaching internationally

The Ruhr-Universität Bochum attaches great importance to cooperation across national borders and warmly welcomes foreign students, lecturers, and researchers to our campus.

At the same time, the university promotes opportunities for students and teachers to gain international experience - on campus, but of course also through a wide variety of mobility programmes and formats.

Important areas of international study at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

International study programmes

International study programmes are not only distinguished by internationally oriented content but are also international in their structure. Further information here:

Study Programmes with Double and Joint Degrees

  • Additional information available on the German version of this page.

Courses taught in English

In many degree programmes, courses are offered in English, often making up for the workload of a full semester.

International Course Catalogue

The "International Profile" in Bachelor programmes

Students of most of the Bachelor´s programmes at RUB have the possibility to gain career-qualifying key competences in their electives area (“Optionalbereich”) by choosing the profile INTERNATIONAL.

Information on the International profile

Projects and programmes for international study preparation

The university provides international students with the best possible preparation to start their studies.

  • You will find more information here shortly.

Transnational education projects

The RUB is involved in a variety of transnational educational projects abroad.

Transnational university cooperation

Student exchange programmes

The RUB is involved in different exchange programmes with numerous universities around the world.

Support for university staff at the RUB

The university supports all its members involved in the development and implementation of teaching to continually improve the courses offered. The International Office offers advice

  • on the development of internationally oriented teaching formats
  • on opportunities to acquire funding for international activities and
  • by supporting the establishment of visiting professorships.

There are various university awards for extraordinary success in the domain of internationalisation of teaching.

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