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Studierende auf dem Campus

Ruhr Fellowship

Since 2012, the universities of the University Alliance Ruhr (TU Dortmund University, Ruhr University Bochum, University of Duisburg-Essen), in cooperation with our sponsors and regional companies, have hosted up to 20 students from selected partner universities each summer as part of the Ruhr Fellowship .

Content and aim of the programme

The eight-week summer exchange consists of a two-week academic and cultural programme, followed by a six-week internship at participating regional companies.

The aim of the programme is to present the universities of the UA Ruhr as well as the Ruhr region as a scientific and economic region with a high quality of life from an academic, economic and cultural perspective, and to strengthen international networks.

As a Ruhr Fellow to the UA Ruhr

Applications for the Ruhr Fellowship, led by one of the three universities each summer, are to be submitted to the UA Ruhr Liaison Office in New York.

Programme review (2016-2020)


The programme could not be carried out due to the Corona pandemic.


if the eighth round of the Ruhr Fellowship, the Ruhr University Bochum received nine students from participating elite American universities . In June, the students first completed an academic and cultural programme with lectures, courses and excursions. They then did an internship at one of the participating companies, such as Accenture, innogy, Klöckner and WILO. Sponsors of the Ruhr Fellowship 2019 were the Max Kade Foundation (New York City), the Regionalverband Ruhr (Essen) and the Dortmund Economic Development Corporation. The 2019 programme brochure provides a further insight.


Under the leadership of TU Dortmund and in cooperation with the Max Kade Foundation, the Dortmund Economic Development Corporation and Bayer, the University Alliance received 12 students from elite American universities: Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lehigh University and the University of California, Berkeley. Sponsors of the 2018 Ruhr Fellowship were the Max Kade Foundation (New York City), the Dortmund Economic Development Corporation and Bayer. The brochure and this interview with former Ruhr Fellow Sarah Fendrich provide an insight into the 2018 programme.


In 2017, the University of Duisburg-Essen took over the organisation of the programme. On June 6, U.S. Consul General Michael R. Keller welcomed the 17 Ruhr Fellows. For an insight into the programme, we recommend a look at the brochure.


As part of the fifth Ruhr Fellowship round, Ruhr-University Bochum welcomed 17 students from participating elite American universities. We recommend a look at the brochure, for an insight into the 2016 programme contents.

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