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Registration Matters

In Germany, there is a registration obligation for all persons moving into an apartment. Within two weeks of entering or moving in, you must register yourself and all family members who have also entered the country at the Residents' Registration Office (Bürgerbüro) in your district of residence.

Registration Office in Bochum Querenburg
Registration Office in Querenburg

At the Residents' Registration Office you can also obtain the following regardless of registration, re-registration or deregistration:

  • Registration Certificate (Meldebescheinigung): You will need this certificate, for example, to extend your visa and to open a bank account.
  • Tax Identification Number: This is ordered when you first register in Germany and is sent to you by mail. It remains permanently valid.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: You will need a clearance certificate if you enter into an employment contract with the university.

When making an appointment, we will be happy to provide you with further information about the processes, as well as necessary documents.

Documents for Registration

To register with your local registration office you will need:

  • Landlord/Landlady Confirmation
  • passport or equivalent document
  • for children: original birth certificate with a certified German translation
  • for married couples: original marriage certificate with certified German translation

Re-Registration and Deregistration

  • If you change your residence during your stay, you must re-register at the Residents' Registration Office responsible for your new place of residence, i.e. register your new address. For this purpose, you will need the landlord/landlady confirmation of your new apartment.
  • If you leave Germany at the end of your research stay, you must deregister at the Residents' Registration Office. Please fill in the De-Registration Form for this purpose. We have prepared a translation aid to facilitate the translation process.


A visit at the Registration Office is only possible by appointment. If you need assistance in booking an appointment, please use our form.

Registration Office Mitte

Rathaus Bochum
Willy-Brandt-Platz 2-6
44777 Bochum

Be best prepared: We have compiled a video to guide you through the process of the City Registration (for appointments at Bochum Mitte, please ignore the directions about how to reach the Registration Office in Querenburg in the second half of the video):

Welcome Centre - City Registration

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