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Propaedeutic programme

Integra is complemented by a propaedeutic program that specifically prepares prospective refugee students for studying at the Ruhr University Bochum. The propaedeutic program consists of voluntary and mandatory courses that expand on each other and include social as well as systemic elements.

Social component

Participants get to know the digital campus, are supported in making first contacts with fellow students and gain the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other.
Gruppe Studierende auf dem Campus
Gruppe Studierende auf dem Campus

Sprachcafé Integra

The Integra Sprachcafé takes place every Wednesday.

Both Integra participants and students of the Ruhr University Bochum can join, allowing the opportunity to exchange cultures in a relaxed atmosphere.

The language level is of little relevance at the Sprachcafé. All that matters is that you have fun getting to know the other participants.

We look forward to all who participate in Sprachcafé Integra.

Frauen- and FLINTA-meeting Integra

The Frauen- and FLINTA meeting Integra is a protected space for the female participants and for those who identify themselves as female of the Integra program, where they can talk about challenges and other important topics that our participants are currently dealing with.

In addition, this exchange helps female and FLINTA Integra participants to get to know each other and enables networking with other women at the university. Furthermore, participants can learn more about offers specifically for women at the Ruhr University and deal with the understanding of roles between the genders.

Of course, the participants are always invited to have an influence on the topics and can suggest their own topics or express topics that they would particularly like to discuss.

Systemic component

Participants should develop an understanding of the concept of the Ruhr University and acquire competences relevant to their studies.
Studierende im Hörsaal_Lachen
Gruppe von Studierenden lachend in einem Hörsaal.

Intercultural workshop Integra

This workshop is designed to prepare participants for life in Germany, studying at the Ruhr University Bochum and attending the semester programme. Together, cultural concepts will be worked out to help participants classify and understand their new experiences. The workshop is led by the social psychologist Monique Kaulertz from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Library tour

Together with a group, participants are given a tour of the university library. Our university library is one of the largest libraries in Germany and offers a great selection of journals, books and other academic texts. Here, the Integra participants learn everything about research, lending books, computer workstations and other library services.

Lecture "Germany at one Glance"

The lecture "Germany at one Glance" held by the Institute for German Studies gives an insight into German culture, society and politics as well as everyday life. It is designed as a lecture series with prominent guest lecturers. Topics include German history, religious festivals and cultural peculiarities, as well as economics and geography.

Tutoring programme

Integra participants are assigned a tutor who accompanies them during their time in the Integra program.

The topics of the tutoring sessions include propaedeutic events, group work as well as study methods. Furthermore, participants can use the tutoring sessions to discuss topics and questions that are important to them with their tutors and fellow participants.

Information events

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

At this event, participants will receive important information from the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) on the topics of studying, training and working: How does training differ from studying? What is a dual course of study? Which training path is best for me and what career options do I have? These and similar questions will be answered at the information event. However, the focus is more on training and not on studying.

Financing your studies

At this event, participants will receive important information from the International Office about financing their future studies. The following questions will be answered: How expensive is studying in Germany? What do I have to pay for? How can I finance my studies? What kind of state aid is available?

Study preparation & orientation

Alongside the preparation and orientation for their studies, students must attend one individual consultation session per German course. These consultations currently take place online with student assistants who are the personal contact persons for Integra participants during the German courses (A2, B1, C1). C1 participants are advised by employees of the International Office.

Topics that are addressed during the individual consultations include:

  • Potential study interests
  • Individual support for guest students
  • Orientation Integra-24
  • Study-relevant competences
  • Volunteer work & commitment
  • Questions & comments

Study preparation workshops & information events

Part of the study preparatory program are workshops and information events that are designed to prepare Integra participants for their studies at Ruhr University Bochum.

Usually, the following workshops & information events are offered:

  • Communication, self-reflection and empowerment
  • Computer workshop
  • writing on a german keyboard
  • Information event on scholarships for gifted students
  • Information event on scholarships provided by the International Office
  • Information event held by the Career Service

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