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Programmes for current students

First-year student refugees can make their entrance into their degree programme easier by taking advantage of the extensive offers at RUB.

By providing an extensive range of comprehensive advisory services, we assist you on your path towards graduation.

vier geflüchtete Studierende werden beim Lernen bei einer Lehrenden unterstutzt

All RUB students have the opportunity to take part in various programmes accompanying their studies. Some offers are even especially designed for student refugees.

geflüchtete Bewerber lächelt und schüttelt einem potenziellen Arbeitgeber die Hand

Ruhr University Bochum prepares international students, who are about to graduate, for their entry into the German labour market.

vier Studierende im Hörsaal

Students in Germany spend an average €853 per month to cover costs of living. There are various opportunities for refugees to finance their studies.

Bunte Kinder Handabdrücke

RUB is a family-friendly university with many offers – so that family and studying can be combined.

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University without Borders
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