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Other Types of Insurance

German Social Accident Insurance

The German Social Accident Insurance serves the purpose of preventing work accidents, work related health risks and occupational diseases. It also aims to restore health and working capacity of employees after work accidents or work related diseases.

Employees (i.e. people with a working contract) and enrolled students are fully covered by the German Social Accident Insurance. For professors civil service regulation apply. Other groups of people, for example German course-students are not covered. For further groups of people exceptions or case-by-case decisions may apply. If you are uncertain which rules apply in your case, please contact the Welcome Centre.

In case of an accident an accident report should be filed immediately or as soon as possible so that the Accident Insurance can pay for all necessary treatments. If possible you should at first see Dr Russe (Buscheyplatz 15, 44801 Bochum, Tel.: 0234 701051) after a work related accident at RUB. However, in the case of a more serious injury you should of cause go to a hospital immediately.

Civil servants ("Beamte") should also inform the university about work related accidents as soon as possible, although their treatments will be paid by at other public expenses than the Accident Insurance.

Further Common Types of Insurance

In Germany almost everything can be insured with private insurances. Among others these include supplementary insurances in the medical sector, legal cost insurances, private accident-, disability-, or nursind care insurances and well as life-, or pension insurances for private pension provisions.

In Germany, liability insurances and household insurances are very common.

A liability insurance pays for damages suffered by third parties caused by unintentional actions by the insured person.

A household insurance insures the property of the household of the insured person against fire, storm and tap water damage, as well as for example burglary.

Please note that such an insurance cover is not provided by the university, should you live in one of the dormitories or guest houses.

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Accident Report Forms

Accident Report Form Researcher   (305.8 kB)

Accident Report Form Student   (678.6 kB)

Brochure: Accident Insurance

Brochure: Accident Insurance   (409.3 kB)


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