International Students 5



If you are accompanying your partner to Bochum and you plan to look for a job, you need to read up on the employment regulations (chapter 6.4 in the guide for international researchers). Please go to your local Foreign Nationals Office ("Ausländeramt") or the German Mission (embassy/consulate) to find out whether your partner is eligible to engage in gainful employment and which documents may be required.

Guide for International Researchers, chapter 6:   Concerning employment law regulations. Read more here (page 89) (711.5 kB)


Weekend editions of newspapers, online platforms and notice boards are good places to find job advertisements. The job centres run by the Federal Employment Agency ("Bundesagentur für Arbeit") can also help you find job offers to suit you. You could make use of the European job portal "EURES" which provides anyone wishing to take advantage of their freedom of movement throughout Europe with useful information and job offers. You can also consult EURES staff at the local employment agencies to gain helpful hints and advice.

Guide for International Researchers, chapter 10:   Concerning a research visit with a family. Read more here (addresses, job portals and much more) (463.4 kB)

Partly translated by: Dr. Lynda Lich-Knight, ResearchComm Ltd.