Day trip to Cologne

Day trip to Cologne, 24th Jun 2017, 9:30 AM

Join us on our trip to the city of Cologne with its famous Dome of Cologne. We will take a tour on the river Rhine in a panorama boat and visit the WDR (West German Broadcasting Corporation). Not only will you be able to see the WDR from the inside, but also get to know different occupational areas and related jobs.
International students will join us on this trip.

Included Service: Journey to and from the destination with public transport, boat tour, guided WDR tour (in English language only).

Meeting point: Entrance hall of Bochum Main Station
Price: 4,50€* (the jouney to and from the destination is included)

Registration by: 16th of June 2017 via our registration form or in person in the International Lounge or via our registration form (places are limited).
Eligible to participate are international researchers and Ph.D. students and their family.

*For all events which require a financial contribution from the participants: the price must be paid in advance in the International Lounge before the registration deadline.

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