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Socialising, learning new skills and having fun - that's volunteering!

Volunteering means working for an organisation voluntarily and without remuneration. This is possible in very different areas, according to your own interests.

What are the advantages of volunteering?

Personal development

Volunteering is a great opportunity, especially for international students with and without a refugee background, to learn new skills, exchange ideas in German and live out their own interests.

"Vitamin B"

Social skills can be strengthened and networks built up, which can later be an advantage when applying for scholarships, internships or starting a career.

Orientation for career choice

Volunteering also offers insights into different fields of activity, first practical experiences and helps you to find out your own professional strengths and weaknesses.

Which voluntary work suits me?

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which activities do I enjoy or could I enjoy?
  • How much time do I have/want to invest?
  • Do I prefer physical work or mental work?
  • Do I like working with children, young people, older people or animals?

What types of voluntary work are there?

  • Coach a sports club
  • Police or fire brigade
  • Church work
  • Social or youth work
  • Rescue or ambulance work
  • Care for the elderly
  • Care for the dying
  • and much more!

How do you find a volunteer opportunity?

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In Germany
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In Bochum and surrounding area
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In Bochum and on campus

Other volunteer opportunities on campus

Become a Campus Guide and accompany other international students on their first steps at the university!

Become a Language Guide and help fellow Sprachcafé participants improve their foreign language skills!

Become a member of the Erasmus Student Network Bochum and support international students at RUB.

At the Sprachcafé Integra you can get in touch with refugees interested in studying and other students at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in a relaxed setting.

As a student think tank with a focus on sustainable transformation, wants to contribute to a green and fair change in society. The competencies from a wide range of degree programmes are used in consulting projects with municipalities and institutions to proactively shape the region with innovative ideas.

Become a participant and help organise a cultural project and European exchange.

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