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Student loans

Some German institutions offer loans specifically to finance studies. These must be repaid in full with interest after graduation.

Student loans can also be taken out by international students under certain conditions, detailed information provided below. It may also be possible to take out a student loan in your home country. We recommend you conduct an independent internet search to find further country-specific information.

KfW Bank student loan

KfW Bank offers long-term student loans with favourable conditions. International students may be eligible to apply for a student loan in Germany under the following conditions:

  • Student is a family member of German citizens residing in Germany
  • Student is an EU citizen who has legally been resident in Germany for at least three years or is a family member of such an EU citizen residing in Germany
  • Student is a so-called "Bildungsinländer:innen" (a non-German citizenship who has acquired a higher education entrance qualification in Germany or at a German school abroad)

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KfW Bank education loan

The education loan is a federal government loan programme that provides short-term, supplemental funding to students in more advanced stages of their studies. International students can receive an education loan under the following conditions:

  • Student is married to a German at the time of application
  • Student is the child of a German or an EU citizen with a permanent right of residence
  • Student has a settlement permit

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Daka loan

The Darlehenskasse der Studierendenwerke e.V. (Daka) provides financial support to students with an interest-free student loan. International students can receive a Daka loan under the following conditions:

  • Student is enrolled at a university in NRW
  • Student pays the social contribution
  • Student is able to provide a sponsorship by a person living in Germany

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Other financing possibilities

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