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Extension of the residence permit - certificate on your study progress

As part of the renewal of your residence permit, the responsible Foreigners' Office will contact the university to inquire about your current study progress. This is a normal part of the renewal process. Find out here what needs to be taken into consideration.

What do you have to do now?

Please contact the examination office of your faculty so that they can prepare a statement on your study progress. The best way to do this is by email.

The statement from the faculty includes:

  • your current number of semesters
  • the standard period of study
  • the average duration of study in your specific field of study
  • information on whether your studies are proceeding properly or not
  • if applicable, information on credit points already earned

What to do after you have received the statement?

The statement provides information about whether your studies are proceeding properly or not. Please check this on your statement.

Proper course of studies

If your course of studies is in order, you can either hand in the statement directly to the Foreigners' Office or send it via email to your personal contact person at the Foreigners' Office. They will then process your request and contact you regarding the extension of your residence permit.

Improper course of studies

If your course of studies is not in order, please contact us, the International Office. In our online consultation hour via Skype you can explain reasons for the delay of your studies.

In order for us to better prepare for your case, please send us the following documents in PDF format via email in advance:

  • a transcript of records (including Optionalbereich, if applicable)
  • a current study certificate
  • a self-created study plan showing which courses you will complete per semester until you graduate (e.g. in the form of a table) including the corresponding CPs
  • if applicable, medical certificates or similar documents explaining the delay in studies
  • if applicable, an explanation already provided in text form for the delay in your studies

After the interview, we will provide you a written statement explaining your individual situation, which you will then be able to turn into the Foreigners' Office. The statement is very important for the extension of your residence permit. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

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