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Studierende vor dem Audimax
Studierende vor dem Audimax

The end of your exchange stay

Before you leave RUB and the city of Bochum at the end of your exchange stay, there are some important things to take care of first.

This page should help you to prepare for your departure step-by-step.

Get your Transcript of Records

After all of your grades have been entered into eCampus, you will receive your Transcript of Records from your subject coordinator. Please contact her/him well in advance of your departure.

If your subject coordinator cannot issue your Transcript of Records or is only able to issue a partial Transcript of Records, please contact us and we will do it for you.

If some of your grades are still missing, the Transcript of Records can also be issued after your departure. Please inform us briefly via email as soon as all of your grades have been completely entered into eCampus and we will take care of it.

Exmatriculate (deregister from the university)

Exmatriculation is currently done via email - please write an email to the Student Registrar’s Office at

You can exmatriculate immediately or a later date (e.g. your departure date) to continue to use your semester ticket and your accesses (eCampus, Internet, etc.) until your exact departure date. Please specifying the desired date of exmatriculation in your mail to the Student Registrar’s Office.


  • Please do not exmatriculate until you have taken all of your planned exams, as taken exams after exmatriculation is not possible.
  • Grades can still be entered into eCampus after exmatriculation.
  • After exmatriculation, you can still access your RUB email account and receive notifications about the grades entered.
  • Borrowed books must be returned before exmatriculation!

Refund of the social contribution in case of early departure.

If you return home at least one month before the end of the semester, you may be eligible for a partial refund of your social contribution. For more information, please see our information sheet.

Confirm your stay

If you need a confirmation of stay/attendance issued for your stay at Ruhr-Universität, you can get it at the International Office.

If available, you are welcome to use the form issued by your home university for this purpose.

Deregister from the city of Bochum

You can submit the completed and signed form for deregistration with the city of Bochum via email to or in person at the International Office and we will send it via post to the City Administration Office (Bürgerbüro). However, we will not be able to provide you with a confirmation of deregistration. Please send us the document no earlier than one week before your departure.

If you require a confirmation of deregistration, you should book an appointment for your deregistration at the Bürgerbüro in the Unicenter or Bochum Mitte (at city hall) at the earliest one week before your departure. Please bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

Cancel your German health insurance

If you took out German health insurance, you will need to cancel it before leaving. Make an appointment with your health insurance provider and bring your certificate of exmatriculation and a copy of your return ticket home or the confirmation of deregistration from the city.

Cancel the Media License Service

If you have registered with the Media License Service, you should deregister before you leave so that the contribution does not continue to be deducted from your bank account. To do this, simply fill out the online deregistration form. After successful deregistration, you will receive a deregistration confirmation via email.

Close your bank account

To close your bank account, go to your bank, they will provide you with the information you need.

Please remember to take your EC card and your identity card with you.

Move out and returning your keys

Please make an appointment with the house manager of your student residence to hand over the keys to your room.

You will receive detailed information on how to hand over your room from Gundra Stückrath via email.

If you live in private accommodation in Bochum, please contact your landlord to clarify the formalities of your moving out.

Please also consider a possible obligatory notice period (refer to your rental contract).

Partial refund of the Social Contribution fee can find more information on the AStA website.

If you return to your home country at least 1 month before the end of the semester or arrive late, you can have part of your social contribution refunded.

To do this, you must send the following documents by e-mail to within the deadlines:

1. the completed refund application form. Please tick "Sonstges" as reason for the refund.

2. a certificate of exmatriculation OR a certificate from us as proof of when you arrived/left Bochum.

3. a current certificate of enrolment from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

4. the account overview of your social contribution, you can find this in eCampus (a screenshot is sufficient).

The deadline for submitting the application is:

  • 15 March for the winter semester
  • 15 September for the summer semester

You can find more information on the AStA website.

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