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Courses alongside your study programme

All RUB students have the opportunity to take part in various programmes accompanying their studies, such as language courses, tutorials and workshops. Some courses are even specially designed for international and refugee students.

The accompanying courses are meant to complement regular degree programmes and make a decisive contribution towards students‘ successful graduation.

Language courses and tandem programmes

During your studies you can improve your German, English or other language skills by attending technical language courses, communication training and presentation workshops.

German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

The Department of German as a Foreign Language (DaF) at RUB offers advanced courses to expand your knowledge of German.

These include:

  • Communication Training I + II
  • Argumentation and Presentation in Scientific Discourse
  • Business German
  • Technology German
  • Medical German
  • Biology German

In addition to (technical) language courses, DaF also offers courses in academic research and writing, among them:

  • Academic Research I+II
  • Academic Writing I+II
  • Academic Presentations

Please note the obligatory online course pre-registration before the start of each semester.

Detailed information on DaF‘s semester programme and the registration procedures can be found on their website.

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University Language Centre (ZfA)

At the University Language Centre (ZfA), RUB students can broaden their general knowledge of foreign or second languages or rather in specific subjects or even learn a completely new language.

Courses offered include:

  • English for students from abroad
  • English for Academic Purposes (different levels from B1 to C1)
  • Business English: Intercultural Management
  • Scientific English
  • Technical English
  • Medical English

Please note that it may be necessary to take a placement test. You can register for courses via CampusOffice.

English course especially for prospective student and current student refugees

At ZfA, prospective and current students refugees alike can take a compact English course during their semester break. With available capacities, the course is also open to regular degree-seeking international RUB students.

You will find detailed information on ZfA’s semester programme and on the registration procedures on their website under the heading "Course descriptions".

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Language Tandem Tandem.MINT

With the Tandem.MINT programme, local and international students of natural sciences and engineering can improve their language skills in tandem.

Language meet up for international students

Every Monday during the lecture period, local and international students can exchange at the International Office’s so-called Sprachcafé in the Max-Kade-Hall (Laerholzstr. 82, 44801 Bochum) from 5 - 9 pm. Registration is not necessary.

Academic research and writing

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre supports students with questions on the subject of "German Academic Writing".

Offers include:

  • Schreibcafé: a place for writing, exchange and peer counselling
  • Workshop: Writing term papers
  • Workshop: Writing a final thesis
  • Intensive Course: Final thesis preparation for students of natural and engineering sciences

Detailed information can be found on the Writing Centre‘s website (only available in German). Please note pre-registration for the courses via email is required.

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Writing in the engineering sciences

The so-called Schreibmaschine, a branch of the Writing Centre, offers writing advice and workshops especially designed for engineering students.

Offers include:

  • Open consultation hours
  • Workshops on academic writing in the engineering sciences

Please note pre-registration for the courses via email is required. More information provided via the link below (only available in German).

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Courses at the University Library (UB)

The University Library offers guided tours of the library (also in English) as well as courses and workshops on topics such as literature administration (Citavi) and research. It also introduces beginners and advanced students alike to subject databases. More information provided via the link below (only available in German).

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Research methods

inStudies‘ so-called Method Center supports RUB students and doctoral candidates in their empirical research endeavors.

Offers include:

  • Individual consultations and networking
  • Software, data and method workshops

More information provided via the Method Center homepage linked below (only available in German).

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Job application training and additional qualifications

RUB’s Career Service supports students, doctoral candidates and graduates in organising a practical course of study and preparing them for their career path.

They offer individual consultations as well as various information, events, courses, lectures and workshops including:

  • Applying - how does it work?
  • Off to work - but in which job?
  • Supplimentary qualifications
  • Career Point - self information centre

More information provided via the Career Service homepage linked below (only available in German).

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