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After your studies

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your studies at Ruhr University Bochum! What are your plans after graduation? Would you like to pursue an academic career and do a doctorate? Or would you like to start your professional career directly?

Pursuing a doctorate/PhD

of the International Office offers information and specific assistance in the preparation and implementation of a research stay.

RUB Research School, Research Academy Ruhr: The most important services for your day-to-day doctoral research can be found here.

Starting your professional career

Bewerbungsgespräch in dem den Hinterkopf eines Mannes und am anderen Seite des Tisches einen Bewerber sitzt

You'd like to start your professional career right after graduation? Find our how here!

Stay connected!

vier blaue Silhouetten von RUB Absolvent:innen am springen

Stay in touch! Join our alumni network: Everyone who has studied, taught or worked at the Ruhr University can join the RUB Alumni.

You are returning home after graduation?

The "leaving Germany" checklist

You will leave Germany after graduation? You should consider the following before leaving:

  • Cancel the Media license service
  • Deregister from the city in which you live(e.g. deregistration from the city of Bochum)
  • Cancel your German health insurance
  • Cancel all other contracts (e.g. gym membership, rental agreement, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Close your German bank account
  • Secure important documents (e.g. Transcript of Records, diploma, other certificates from your studies, insurance certificates, certificates of volunteer work/internship etc.)
  • Exmatriculate as a student
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