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If you are bringing your children to Germany, you should start researching child care options as soon as possible and, if necessary, make arrangements while you are still in your own country. Even though Germany is making serious efforts to offer more child care options, places may be limited and will always require registration. There are two types of child care: facilities such as day-care centres and nursery schools, or in-home care provided by an individual.

Day-care centres and nursery schools
Day-care centres provide care for children from the age of three months until school-age. Care is usually provided all day from 7 am to 5 pm. Nursery schools offer care for children from the age of 2-3 until they reach school-age. Care is usually provided from 7 am to 2 pm or 4 pm.
If you require child care, please contact the day-care centre or nursery school well in advance and register your child so that the facility can reserve a place for you. Fees are charged according to parental income and depend on the number of hours your child will spend at the facility per week. Most facilities offer lunch as well as educational programmes.

In-home child care
In-home child care offers supervision and education mainly for children under the age of 3, which is usually provided at the home of the child-minder. In addition to small, family-based child care, a large-scale provider can accommodate up to nine children. Fees are charged based on parental income.
To find qualified child-minders with a valid child care permit issued by the Youth Welfare Office, please refer to the Youth Welfare Office or other agencies.
The easiest way to find a babysitter to mind your children for a few hours during the day or in the evening is to ask colleagues or neighbours.

Guide for International Researchers, chapter 10:   Concerning childcare. Read more here (page 115) (463.4 kB)

Partly translated by: Dr. Lynda Lich-Knight, ResearchComm Ltd.

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Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) has set up a service centre for parents. You can visit the centre for advice and support during your search for the right childcare, and the staff will put you in touch with childminders, nannies and emergency care.


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