Available seats for the Pottery painting, Thursday 8th November 2018, 3:45 pm

We still have available seats for the pottery painting! To ensure your participation, you can register and pay (4,50€/person) by next Friday, 02/11/2018.
We are going to visit the “Made by you” store in Bochum and paint various pieces of pottery. “Made by you” is now well-known in many European countries and there are a number of shops in Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Romania. Every participant will receive a piece of pottery which they can paint and take home. All colours are safe for children to use. International students will join us on this trip.

Please note: If you intend to bring children with you, separate tickets for all children must be bought. Please remember to bring suitable safety seats for the bus trip to ensure your children’s safety.

Meeting point: „Made by you“-Shop, Universitätsstr. 71, 44789 Bochum (U35, Stop: Oskar-Hoffmann-Str.)
Fee: 4,50€*
Registration by: 2 November 2018 in the International Lounge or via our registration form.(limited number of participants).

* For all events which require a financial contribution from the participants: the fee must be paid in advance in the International Lounge before the registration deadline.

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