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Summer semester 2022: The blue vignette is coming - pick up at the International Office

From now on, the green vignette will be replaced by the blue vignette. We will inform you where and when you can pick up the vignette at the International Office.

In order to make it easier to check your vaccination status when attending events on campus, there will continue to be a vignette for the student ID card for the summer semester 2022.

Who gets the vignette?

  • Exclusively boostered persons (booster vaccination is valid from the day of vaccination)
    • 3x vaccinated with a vaccine recognised in Germany
    • 2x vaccinated + recovered (maximum 90 days ago)

Is the vignette compulsory?

  • No, the general 3G rule still applies at university events (except medicine and sports). So you can still show your basic vaccination (2x vaccinated), a negative test certificate or a convalescent certificate.

When and where are the vignettes issued?

  • In the faculties

  • At the International Office during certain office hours:

    • Tuesday, 1st March 10 a.m. -12 p.m., SSC 1/229

    • Thursday, 3rd March 2 p.m. - 4.00 p.m., SSC 1/229

      • We will publish more office hours on this page as they become available!

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