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Worldwide Universities Network

WUN is an exclusive university network that brings together 24 leading comprehensive research universities in a collaborative partnership to advance research and education on major global challenges. Capitalizing on the geographical and cultural diversity of members across six continents, WUN enriches their shared experience, and brings together distinctive constellations of talents to address problems of real significance. RUB joined WUN in 2022 as the first and only member university in Germany.


WUN in a Nutshell

WUN fosters interdisciplinary and international research in four key areas known as the Global Challenges:

  • Global Higher Education and Research
  • Public Health
  • Responding to Climate Change
  • Understanding Cultures

Research Projects

Via the WUN Research Development Fund, an annual competitive fund, WUN brings together established/senior and mid-career postdoctoral researchers from WUN member universities to work on a range of focused problems related to the WUN Global Challenges and Sustainable Development.

Research Development Fund

WUN also invests in education for sustainable development:.WUN promotes initiatives that bring students from multiple partner universities together to discuss exciting research related to sustainable development in its annual WUN Summer School for shared research experience.


WUN promotes globally engaged /early and mid-career sustainability researchers/research talents: WUN provides opportunities for doctoral and and postdoctoral researchers, to broaden their professional networks and to gain and/or expand their international experiences and profile and to establish global research networks via virtual WUN webinars, workshops and a global research network on themes related to the WUN Global Challenges.

Benefits for RUB´s Research Community

  • The network complements other international alliances, such as UNIC.
  • The WUN focus on the SDGs helps RUB to discuss its sustainability goals with complementary partner institutions and achieve synergies.
  • WUN is a research network in which researchers, junior researchers as well as students interested in research can connect with like-minded people and lay the foundation for joint research proposals.


Join the Global WUN Community

  • WUN Hub

Access the global network of like-minded sustainability researchers.

→ Register here

  • WUN Research Development Fund

Apply for the annual Research Development Fund to get your international collaborative research projects started.

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  • Events Workshops

Take part in WUN virtual events and workshops.

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