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Webinars for international students

During your studies in Germany, there are a variety of topics that will become important sooner or later. In our webinars, we give an overview of the most important topics every semester.

29.09.2021: What do I benefit from my health insurance?

What are the differences between private and statutory health insurance? What advantages do I have? We will explain all this to you!

The webinar is aimed at all those who already have health insurance or want to take out a new one.

30.09.2021: Student financing

It deals with topics such as

  • Statement of costs
  • Proof of financing
  • BaföG
  • Working
  • Scholarships

The webinar is aimed at all international students of all semesters.

26.10.2021: Terms and behaviour in the academic jungle

What are the differences between seminars, tutorials, lectures or exercises? How do I write a polite email to my lecturers? What kind of cooperation is expected from me in the lectures? In this workshop, we will guide you through the academic jungle!


10.11.2021: Commitment and volunteering - A benefit for you and society

Socialising, learning new skills and having fun - that's volunteering! Volunteering means working for an organisation voluntarily and without remuneration. This is possible in many different areas, depending on your own interests. We will inform you about the possibilities and the benefits!


10.11.2021/12.11.2021 How to Survive a Semester at RUB - Technical requirements

Moodle, Webmail, eCampus - what is that exactly?

In this event, our student assistants will explain step by step the common online tools you need for the semester, such as Moodle, Webmail, eCampus etc. and you can try it out yourself.

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11.01.2021: International Office Scholarship application

How do I apply for scholarships from the International Office? Corona Special Scholarship or rather Study Scholarship? Which mistakes are an absolute no-go and what do I need to pay particular attention to? What documents do I need and what should I look out for in my letter of motivation?

Applying for scholarships is not easy! Therefore, in the course of this workshop, these and more questions will be answered and some of them will be worked out independently. At the end, you should feel confident to independently prepare and completely submit your application for the scholarships of the International Office.


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