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You have successfully completed your final German language examination but cannot yet start studying? Then the Übergangssemester for international prospective students with and without a refugee background could be right for you!

What is the "Übergangssemester"?

The Übergangssemester is the opportunity to bridge the time between your final German language examination and the start of your studies and to prepare generally and subject-specifically for studies at Ruhr University Bochum.

The focus here is on deepening language skills and repeating subject contents as well as offers that are differentiated according to the respective subject group.

Learn about the course content here!

What are the participation requirements?

  • International students with and without a refugee background who have passed the qualifying German language examination.
  • Willingness to spend approximately 12 hours per week participating in the Übergangssemester.
  • Willingness to enroll as a language student for the semester (payment of the social contribution including the semester ticket).
  • Have appropriate technical equipment (laptop/PC with internet access), as the programme is hybrid (face-to-face and online) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are unclear about the requirements, please contact

When does the Übergangssemester take place?

The Übergangssemester generally lasts one semester.

  • Winter term (October – February)
  • Summer term (April – July)

Thus, the Übergangssemester is particularly suitable if there is a long period of time between the completion of your German language examination qualifying you for studying and the planned start of your studies.

  • Example:
    • The C1 German course exam takes place in February.
    • Participation in the transition semester from April - July.
    • The next possible start of studies: October (winter term).

How can I apply?

Submitting an application is possible twice a year:

  • For the winter term: In September/October
  • For the summer term: In February/March

You can apply via Moodle from now until 4 September 2022.

Click to apply (via Moodle)

If you do not have a Moodle account, please create a guest account (under "Create new user account"):

Create a guest account (Moodle)

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