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Proof of Financial Resources

If you are not entering from the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you will need proof of financial resources for your longer stay in Germany. This should prove that you have sufficient resources to finance your stay in Germany - initially for a period of one year - and therefore do not need to claim any social benefits from the German state.

Non-EU citizens

You must provide documentation of funds in the amount of the BAföG maximum funding rate. At present, this is 861 EUR per month / 10,332 EUR per year.

Proof of financing can be provided by:

  • the payment of a security deposit into a blocked account in Germany
  • approved scholarships, which were primarily provided from German funds
  • a declaration of commitment by a person resident in Germany to the Foreigners' Office (Ausländerbehörde)
  • the deposit of a bank guarantee, to be renewed annually, with a financial institution in Germany
  • If applicable, a statement of the parents' income and financial situation in the home country.

  • Important Note: The whole process of showing a proof of financial resources to study in Germany may sometimes be different based on your personal case and the country you come from. Depending on your situation, German institutions may request further proof relating to your financial resources.

EU citizens

EU students only have to provide credible evidence of sufficient funding, they no longer have to prove it. This is usually done directly when you register at the City Administration Office (as soon as you are in Germany).

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