DAAD Prize for International Students

The award of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is presented once a year during the DAAD scholarship holders' meeting and is endowed with 1000€. The DAAD Prize is awarded to international students who have achieved outstanding performances at RUB, as well as social commitment during their studies.

Potential candidates are international regular students who

  • graduated from a foreign school and/or completed their first university degree abroad
  • are in their Bachelor's (at least second year of study) or Master's (at least 2 semester),
  • can demonstrate excellent academic performance,
  • and show social commitment during their time of study in Germany and are able to prove it.

The DAAD award is not a research award and is not intended to honor a doctoral or final thesis.

The call is aimed at university lecturer at the RUB who can suggest suitable students. An independent application of potential prize winners is not possible.

As a university lecturer at RUB, you will need the following documents for the application:

  • CV of the student,
  • Certificate of enrollment of the student
  • Information on the academic career of the student
  • Proof of the student's commitment to society
  • Recommendation letter for the potential award winner (max. 1 DIN A4 page)

Please send your suggestions with appropriate documents to rubiss@rub.de.

The application deadline for this year is until October 22, 2023!

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