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Advantages of the statutory health insurance

Why is German statutory health insurance so important? As a student you have to take out a German health insurance in any case. The statutory health insurance seems expensive to you? You have many advantages!

Visits to the doctor

  • You can always go to the doctor, including specialists, as often as you like.


  • Back exercises, physiotherapy, massages, etc. are covered.


  • Medical care and all preventive examinations during pregnancy are provided.

Preventive medical checkups

  • Dental check-up
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Breast cancer screening


  • Many contraceptives are covered by health insurance.

Hospital and operations

  • Hospitalization and surgery are paid for by the health insurance.

Mental illnesses

  • Costs for treatment are covered.

Additional benefits

  • Some health insurance companies offer subsidies for fitness studios or sports courses.

The following applies to all: The monthly contribution always remains the same! For students this is about 110€ per month.

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