Summer Schools and Winter Schools

Throughout the course of the past few years, many higher education institutions in Germany and abroad have established a new type of university course, known as the summer school or summer academy. Students attend full-time courses in their area of study, or language courses offered for a couple of weeks during the summer holidays. The course programme is often accompanied by a cultural programme to get to know the host country and its culture. By participating in these summer schools, you can combine earning credit points and additional expertise in your field of studies with your summer holidays.

You have the choice between various types of summer schools and can consult the websites of those universities offering the programmes for more information. You can also find out about attendance and any other additional fees. Fees can vary considerably, depending on the volume of the course programme. You should therefore compare the various offers.

Enclosed you’ll find more information on various summer and winter schools hosted in 2018/19. This only includes a small and incomplete selection of programmes. Please check each offer yourself.

Summer Schools 2019: