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Organising Your Erasmus Study Period Abroad

In order to study abroad at a partner university via the ERASMUS programme, you should follow these steps:

  • Begin early. We recommend starting at least one year before you plan to go abroad. Gather information on the ERASMUS partner universities (see "LINKS" on the right) offering your desired subject.
  • Ask your ERASMUS departmental coordinator (also see "LINKS" on the right) about the application process and deadlines. There’s usually only one deadline per year for ERASMUS places in the following academic year (for the winter AND summer semester).
  • Fill in the ERASMUS Online Scholarship Request Form (see "Scholarship Request Form" on the right) and send it online / via email. Please print another copy, sign it yourself, have it signed by your departmental coordinator at RUB and then submit the paper version to RUB’s International Office. We’ll not start dealing with your ERASMUS scholarship request until we’ve received the online request and the signed paper version.