International Internship Offers: Offers provided by the RUB and External Internship Agencies

Internship platform of the RUB

You can find up-to-date offers for internships here.

However, please keep in mind that this service doesn’t recommend any particular offer and it is important to read each one thoroughly.

Specific Internships

Further internships in the areas of teaching, medicine and engineering sciences you can find here:

Private Placement Platforms

Successful completion of your internship and entire stay abroad depends on how happy you are with your internship. Therefore it’s necessary to take the time to search for one carefully. Think about what is particularly important to you. Depending on your priorities, you may be looking for challenging tasks, appropriate payment, friendly colleagues or a certain country or region where the internship may take place. Generally, you have two options to land your desired internship. You can either: a) Look for an internship on your own b) Ask a professional placement organisation to assist you Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, they both lead to the same result: an internship abroad.

International Institutions

Here you can find some organizations enlisted, which offer internships worldwide and work in collaboration with different governments-from AIESEC to the United Nations.

Further Information