International Internship Offers: Offers provided by the RUB and External Internship Agencies

Internship Offers for Students of all Fields

  • RUB Internship Database
  • RUB Career Services Internship Platform
  • RUB Student Research Abroad Database
  • Database
    ErasmusIntern serves as a platform which provides many internship opportunities in Europe and promotes the exchange between the students and international companies. This database is especially useful for students who want to do a Digital Skills Traineeship. Financial support via the Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant is possible. Financial support via the Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant is possible.
  • EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal
  • Erasmus+ Traineeships in the Western Balkan Region
  • DAAD-Overview: Internship Databases worldwide
  • DAAD-Overview: Internships at International Organisations
  • DAAD-Overview: Placement Programs
    AIESEC offers many opportunities for young people searching for responsible internship positions and to contribute to global development projects. AIESEC as a global network provides internships in the areas of economics, education, health, environment and information technologies. A financial support via an Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant or via Promos is possible.
  • GIZ
    GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) is dedicated to promoting international cooperation in the field of sustainable development and international education work. The GIZ provides several internships abroad in the field of humanitarian action and developmental work.
  • Goethe-Institut
    The Goethe-Institut is Germany’s cultural institute which promotes German language and culture globally. The organisation offers internships in the field of culture and language. Financial support via Erasmus+ Traineeship Grant is possible if the internship takes place in Erasmus+ programme countries. Students can apply for a DAAD Short Term Grant for internships outside of Europe.
  • Kulturweit
    The international cultural voluntary service "Kulturweit" is a project by the German UNESCO Commission. It offers unpaid internships to young people from Germany between 18 and 26 years of age to participate in German foreign cultural and educational policy. The volunteer projects take place between 6 and 12 months. "Kulturweit" supports the participants financially and by offering workshops and seminars in order to improve students' knowledge of international cooperations.

Specific Internships

Further internships in the areas of teaching, law, medicine and engineering sciences you can find here:

Private Placement Platforms

Successful completion of your internship and entire stay abroad depends on how happy you are with your internship. Therefore it’s necessary to take the time to search for one carefully. Think about what is particularly important to you. Depending on your priorities, you may be looking for challenging tasks, appropriate payment, friendly colleagues or a certain country or region where the internship may take place. Generally, you have two options to land your desired internship. You can either: a) Look for an internship on your own b) Ask a professional placement organisation to assist you Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, they both lead to the same result: an internship abroad.