Stay Abroad

New Information Sessions by the International Office

The International Office will offer a variety of information sessions on studying, interning, and researching abroad in the winter term 2019/20. Most importantly, we will tell you how you can support yourself while going abroad. Don't miss out on great opportunities to learn more about going abroad and scholarship opportunities for your global experience!

Group Info Sessions in the Winter Term 2019/20

Please sign up for our new information sessions via the Doodle link above.

*Monday, 28 October, 12-1 pm, SSC 1/148
*Wednesday, 6 November, 4-5 pm, SSC 1/263
*Thursday, 21 November, 1-2 pm, SSC 1/263
*Wednesday, 11 December, 12-1 pm, SSC 1/263
*Thursday, 16 January 2020, 4-5 pm, SSC 1/263

Information subject to change, all info sessions are in German.