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Semester Programme

The RUBiss team (RUB – international student services) publishes a semester programme every semester. It lists various events, workshops and excursions that we organized especially for you.

The programme is designed to support you during your studies in Bochum and beyond. Furthermore, you can learn more about the culture and lifestyle in the Ruhr area. It offers opportunities for networking, for mutual exchange and for meeting your fellow students.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

21.-24.10.2020 Orientation days

In order to insure a good start at the university, RUBiss organises Orientation Days for new international exchange and degree seeking students.

During the Orientation days you will receive helpful information about the start of your studies (whether from your home country or locally), introductions to the common programmes used at RUB, get to know fellow students online and much more!

Further information and registration here!

04.11.2020 - How to survive another online semester

16., 18. & 20.11.2020 - Organisation im Homeoffice

The event takes place in German.

Please visit the German version for further details.

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21.11.2020 - Intercultural Training

How does culture influence our communication? How can a successful exchange between different cultures and social groups succeed? Based on individual examples and practical exercises, you will deal with these and other questions in the intercultural training. The workshop is primarily aimed at students who have just started their studies in Germany, who will soon be going abroad or who already want to reflect on intercultural experiences. The workshop is led by social psychologist Monique Kaulertz from the Faculty of Social Sciences.
The participation is free of charge. Registration is obligatory. For RUB students only.

21.11.2020, from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.


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26.11.2020 - Escape Games online

Escape rooms have become more and more popular within the past years. Spending time with your friends or colleagues while solving riddles is a fun activity! They are mainly used for teambuilding events. Unfortunately, the Escape Rooms are not open at the moment and we would like to play an Escape Game with a larger group of international students. Therefore, we became aware of the online offer of "Locked Adventures" from Bochum.
As the normal online playing time is about 5 hours, we decided to use seven riddles from different Online Escape Rooms. The aim is to solve the riddles together in small groups.

26/11/2020 - 19:00

Online. After the binding registration via Eventbrite you will receive instructions and the access data for the Escape Games shortly before the game starts.
The participation is free of charge. The registration is binding. Only for international students of RUB.

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01.12.2020 - Visit of the German Mining Bochum

20m deep under the earth, you can visit the demonstration mine of the mining museum. Here you can experience impressive machines and the exhausting daily routine underground and feel like real miners for a while. 71 m above the ground you can see Bochum and large parts of the Ruhr area from the winding tower of the museum. On a tour through the museum you can learn a lot about the history of black coal in Germany and about mining and its shaping impact on the Ruhr area.

Time: 3.00-4.30pm

Price: 3,50€

The registration is binding. Only for RUB students.

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09.12.2020 - International Students' Day

The next (digital) International Students' Day will take place on 9 December 2020!

At the moment we are in the planning stage, but one thing is for sure: There will be interesting and helpful workshops waiting for you again.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Your RUBiss Team

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