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About 6000 international students are studying at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Bochum University of Applied Sciences. Studying abroad far away from home is a special challenge for international students. There are no many scholarships offered that cover all necessities, and jobs for non-German-speaking students are rarely available. As a consequence legal issues and social or psychological impacts may arise.

Social institutions try to prevent such situations. In Bochum there is the so-called Ausländerhilfsfonds „Help for foreign students e.V.“, which tries to provide, in precarious situations, non-bureaucratic emergency assistance by small loans. Last year students in 254 cases were helped with an average amount of 250€.

The loan applications can be submitted at ESG, CampusSegen or AStA of RUB, AAR or AStA of Bochum University of Applied Sceinces. Please, take the corresponding institutions information from the right column.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of supporting the work of the association and likewise the international students by donations:

"Hilfe für ausländische Studierende e.V."

Post-office box: 250324 in 44741 Bochum

Donation account at Sparkasse Bochum
IBAN: DE 4643 0500 0100 3330 4700

The International Office of RUB supports the work of the association and appreciates any financial promotion. Further information are given in the flyer:

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