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Application or extension of residence permit

Usually students from non-EU-countries have to apply for a residence permit for Germany after arrival. The Foreigners' Office of the city where you are living, is responsible for the permits.

Generally after registration at the Citizens' Advice Bureau you will get an individual appointment from the Foreigners' Office by post letter. If this is not the case, we recommend to make an appointment first (information on right hand side).

Our checklist provides all documents that are required in order to apply for a residence permit:

Checklist residence permit

  • Passport
  • application for residence permit (sample and application)
  • a biometric passport picture (sample)
  • current certificate of enrollment (sample)
  • proof of health insurance
  • proof of finance
  • Visa-fee up to 110 EUR in cash or by cash card

    (students, gaining a scholarship funded by German fundings do not have to pay the Visa-fee!)

This information is only effected to applications of residence permits at the Foreigners' Office in Bochum.

Please note that we may unfortunately no longer offer group appointments (except for exchange students) at the Foreigners' Office. If you have difficulties regarding the application, please contact us!

Students from EU-countries do not have to apply at the Foreigners' Office, but get a declaration of their freedom of movement ("Freizügigkeit"). The Citizens' Advice Bureau is responsible for these applications.

Foreigners' Office in Bochum

Willy-Brandt-Platz 2-6
44777 Bochum
Tel.:+49 (0) 234 910-24 00
Fax: +49 (0) 234 910-19 94

Office hours
Cost overview

Making an appointment

By phone call:
+49 (0) 234 910-23 00
Mon-Wed 1:30 - 3:00 pm

By Email:


Application and extension of residence permit   (234.9 kB)

How to pick up the residence permit (eAT)   (285.0 kB)

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