Double Degrees

Double Degrees

Numerous double degree programmes offer the opportunity to obtain a degree from a partner university alongside the RUB degree:

  • Double bachelor's degree in History with Université François Rabelais Tours:
  • The students study at their home university for two semesters, then change to the other university. All students spend the 5th semester in Tours, the 6th in Bochum.

    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lubich
    Dr. Jens Lieven

  • Double degree in Philology with Universidad Oviedo:
  • Students can gain the Spanish Licenciatura degree and the German master's degree without prolonging their studies, and after spending time at the partner university during their last year.

    Lidia Santiso Saco

  • Double degree "Russian Culture" with RGGU in Moscow:
  • Students studying (Russian) Culture at the RGGU and at RUB obtain a master's degree from RUB and the RGGU after successfully completing their studies.

    Dr. Maria Brauckhoff

  • Double bachelor's degree with MIIT in Moscow and State University in Wologda:
  • Since the winter term 2014/15 fourteen economic (Management & Economics) and civil engineering students of both partner universities take part in the pilot project “Studienstart Direkt”. The graduates of this integrated double bachelor’s degree receive the Bachelor of Science and the degree of their home universities. The pilot project is supported by the ministry of innovation, science and research (MIWF) of the state NRW. Within the context of “Studienstart Direkt” foreign university applicants receive a simplified admission for the first time at RUB (modification of §49 par. 9 law on higher education).

  • Double master's degree for "Financial Services" students at the CDHK at Tongji-Unversity, Shanghai, with the faculty of economics:
  • Students from the CDHK can continue their studies at RUB from the 4th semester onwards for three semesters.

    Prof. Dr. Bernhard Pellens

  • Double master's degree in the faculty of mechanical engineering with the CDHK at Tongji University, Shanghai:
  • Double degree in production techniques which can be obtained by German and Chineses students (studying in both locations).

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Meier

  • Double master's degree in Gender Studies with the University of Graz:
  • Double degree "Master of Arts" is awarded. Students gain a full academic degree in both participating countries. The degree course focuses on an international, mainly european, perspective towards Gender Studies.

    Maximiliane Brand

  • Double degree in National and European Law with Université François Rabelais Tours:
  • Both double bachelor's and double master's degrees, starting from WiSe 2011/12. The students spend two semesters in Bochum and two in Tours. The awarded degree is "Bachelor" (RUB) and "Licence" (Tours) or "Master" in both Tours and Bochum.

    Prof. Dr. Adelheid Puttler

  • Double degree in Philology with Université François Rabelais Tours:
  • Students from both universities can spend the last year of their studies at the partner institution. The students are awarded a master's degree from both RUB and Université Tours on successful completion of their studies.

    Jürgen Niemeyer

  • Joint Master's Degree in Humanitarian Action (NOHA)
  • After successfully completing all programme components students will be awarded a Joint Diploma in International Humanitarian Action from the home and host universites.

    Mareike Meis (IFHV)

  • Joint Master's Degree Film and Audiovisual Media
  • Integrated studies in four different European countries, at key media and media studies locations.

    Prof. Dr. Oliver Fahle
    Jasmin Stommel

  • Double Master's Degree in German, Turkish und International business law
  • Joint Master programme of Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Kültür Universität Istanbul in German and Turkish. Takes Place in Istanbul.

    Zeynal Kara

  • Double Degree Master Program ‚Transformation of urban Landscapes’
  • Double Degree Master Program of Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Tongji-University in Shanghai.

    Prof. Dr. Harald Zepp