Internationalization Strategy

Creating Knowledge Networks Internationally

In its capacity as a large research and educational institution, RUB is committed to identifying scientific solutions to global challenges. The university helps its students and early career researchers become active and dedicated participants in an international knowledge society and a globalised labour market. It assumes international responsibility by championing sustainable development and social equality on an international level.

Global Networks:
RUB is involved in global scientific collaboration networks. Research, learning and teaching, promotion of early career researchers, transfer and social engagement transcend national borders. They are integral part of global scientific collaborations based upon international Best Practice Models.

Internationalisation strategy:
In research, learning and teaching, promotion of talents, transfer and global engagement, RUB establishes knowledge networks with partner universities all across the world. In 2010, it introduced its internationalisation strategy. Today, it focuses strategically on research as the anchor of all internationalisation measures. Moreover, it supports the involvement of and networking among all university fields and actors – from the Rectorate and the International Office to the RUB Research School, the Faculties, scientific institutions, Research Departments and Clusters.

In its internationalization strategy RUB focuses on the following objectives:

  • Effective integration of all RUB‘s researchers into top-level international research
  • Promotion of a knowledgable intercultural attitude (understanding and competences) of all members of the university
  • Provision of early and continuous international and intercultural experiences for students and young researchers
  • Acceptance of international responsibility in Global Engagement
  • Attraction of more international students and researchers by attractive offers of research, learning and teaching, transfer/social engagement and by even better service and support

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic research partnerships are long-term collaborations based on mutual trust, advantage and the assignment of resources. At RUB, we develop two kinds of strategic partnerships: Research-led and global engagement partnerships.

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