Internationalization Strategy

Creating Knowledge Networks Internationally

As a successful research-led university, RUB has defined top-level research as anchor and context of all internationalization measures. This includes all measures across the university‘s performance areas: Internationally interconnected top-level research is the basis for successful research-led teaching, fruitful research-based transfer and social/global engagement and of course effective advancement of young research talents. As a backbone, internationally competent und informed administrators support researchers in these measures. RUB pursues its objectives together with strategic, longterm research-led or global engagement partners.
The institutional anchoring of RUB’s internationalization strategy is in the Faculties. Based on the universities main objectives, Faculty Internationalization Concepts are developed.


  • Effective integration of all RUB‘s researchers into top-level international research
  • Promotion of a knowledgable intercultural attitude (understanding and competences) of all members of the university
  • Provision of early and continuous international and intercultural experiences for students and young researchers
  • Acceptance of international responsibility in Global Engagement
  • Attraction of more international students and researchers by attractive offers of research, learning and teaching, transfer/social engagement and by even better service and support


Monika Sprung

Iris Vernekohl