Expansion of the cooperation with Tsukuba

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Expansion of the cooperation with the University of Tsukuba

Delegation from Japan visited Ruhr-Universität

On 6 June 2017, a delegation from the University of Tsukuba from Japan visited Ruhr-Universität in order to start off the university-wide cooperation agreement concluded last year.

A long-term cooperation already exists between the University of Tsukuba and the Chair of Urban and Metropolitan Studies under the direction of Vice-Rector Prof Dr Uta Hohn.

Extending the exchange of students and doctoral students

The exchange of students and doctoral students from different disciplines is also being promoted. In summer semester 2017, the first doctoral student from the faculty of East Asian Studies went to visit the University of Tsukuba and two students from Tsukuba are staying at Ruhr-Universität. In winter semester 2017/2018, three students of Ruhr-Universität will spend a semester at the University of Tsukuba. Students from the University of Tsukuba are also expected in Bochum.

During the current visit in June, Rector Prof Dr Axel Schölmerich together with Prof Uta Hohn and representatives of the faculties of Ruhr-Universität (East Asian Studies, Physics, Social Science and Philology) welcomed the President of the University of Tsukuba, Prof Dr Nagata Kyosuke and his delegation consisting of Prof Dr Ohneda Osamu, Head of the Office of Global Initiatives, Prof Dr Aizawa Keiichi, Professor of German Studies in Tsukuba and Director of the Office of the University of Tsukuba in Bonn and Mr Nishijima Yusaku from the Bonn Office at Ruhr-Universität.

Neurosciences of special interest

Rector Schölmerich presented the guests from Tsukuba an overview of Ruhr-Universität after President Nagata entry in the university’s guestbook. Afterwards, Prof Cheng introduced the Research Department Neuroscience. This field of study was also of special interest for the guests from Japan. Later, the delegation visited the ZEMOS research building and Prof D. Martina Havenith-Newen gave an insight into the impressive activities of the excellence cluster RESOLV.

The appointment at Ruhr-Universität on 6 June 2017 was preceded by a visit to the company Cyberdyne Care Robotics GmbH, whose main shareholder is Cyberdyne Inc. Japan, founded by Prof Sankai Yoshiyuki from the University of Tsukuba. The company is active in the field of robotics and offers various HAL® systems, with the therapeutic systems currently being the main focus. The HAL® system is a nerve-driven exoskeleton, which is used in rehabilitation in patients with spinal cord injuries and increasingly also in stroke patients. The company cooperates directly with Bergmannsheil University Hospital in Bochum, where the first centre for neurorobotal movement training with HAL robotic armaments in Europe was opened in 2012.


Photo: President of the University of Tsukuba and Rector Axel Schölmerich © RUB, Marquard

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