Aid appeal in favour of "Ausländerhilfsfonds"

Looking forward to Christmas, we would like to remind you of the people among us who need our support. Studying in Germany may be a huge challenge to international students. Due to German alien law restrictions and numerous difficult political situations in particular homecountries, international students are confronted with unforseeable additional costs that frequently cannot be managed without financial support.

The association "Hilfe für ausländische Studierende in Bochum e.V." takes care of our international students' needs for 30 years und supports them as far as possible.

If you would like to support our international students who are in financial distress as well, you may help by your donation to the so-called "Ausländerhilfsfonds":

IBAN: DE 4643 0500 0100 3330 4700, BIC: WELADED 1 BOC

The International Office is pleased about every donation and wishes you a joyful Christmas and a happy new year 2015!

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Address Ausländerhilfsfonds

Hilfe für ausländische Studierende in Bochum e.V.
Postfach 250324
44741 Bochum

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IBAN: DE 4643 0500 0100 3330 4700

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Ausländerhilfsfonds   (1.7 MB)


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