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Before leaving Bochum

There are some things you need to do before you leave Bochum. This page aims to help you prepare your departure.

Step 1: Cancel your registration at the Citizens' Advice Bureau

If you don´t require a confirmation of deregistration from the City of Bochum, you may just submit the filled-out and signed deregistration form (available at the International Office or download on the right side) at the International Office. We will send it by post to the Citizens' Advice Bureau.

In any other case you need to make an appointment online for deregistering at the Citizens' Advice Bureau about two weeks before you move out (Click on "Meldeangelegenheiten" and choose then "Abmeldung eines Wohnsitzes", "Bürgerbüro Querenburg" is the Citizens' Advice Bureau in the Uni-Center, "Bürgerbüro Mitte" in the city center). Fill in the required form and bring it to your appointment at the Citizens' Advice Bureau in the Uni-Center. Furthermore you will need to bring the so called "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung", a document you may get at from Gundra Stückrath or your landlord.

Please note: Your appointment of deregistration at the Citizens' Advice Bureau cannot be more than one week before your move-out.

- Online Appointment Service

Step 2: Terminate your registration at RUB (Exmatrikulation)

You can terminate your registration at the Registrar's Office (SSC 0/229).
Please bring your student card. However, you will get it back at the end of the process. You may also deregister for a specific date in the future (e.g. the day of your departure). You may then still use your ticket and access to your accounts (eCampus, internet etc.) until that date. Important: grades may still be uploaded to your eCampus account after you are deregistered!

If you return to your home country at least 1 month before the end of the semester you can get a partial refund of the social contribution fee (of the Semesterticket).

Please note: Any books have to be returned to the library before you terminate your registration!

Step 3: Transcript of Academic Records

You will be able to obtain your Transcript of Records from your departmental coordinator. Please be sure to contact him/her before you leave. If your departmental coordinator should require you to fill out a request form, you can find a downloadable version on the right side. Please fill out the Transcript of Records form and bring it, together with your unofficial grade overview (Leistungsnachweis) either via Campus Office (VSPL) or certificate, to your departmental coordinator so that he/she can sign it.

In the event that you are unable to obtain your Transcript of Records from your departmental coordinator for any reason, please contact the International Office. If your unofficial grade overview on Campus Office (VSPL) is entirely up-to-date, the International Office will also be able to issue your Transcript of Records. All other certificates, for example a German language course certificate, should also be submitted. In the case that your unofficial grade overview isn’t up-to-date, please inform us via email when your unofficial grade overview is updated (when a grade is added or updated in Campus Office, you will receive an email on your RUB email account) and the International Office will be able to issue your Transcript of Records even after your departure.

Step 4: Confirmation of attendance

If you requiere a confirmation that you attended RUB, you may get it from the International Office up to five days before your departure. Please bring the form of your home university.

Step 5: Cancel your health insurance policy

If you are insured with a German health insurance provider, you need to cancel the policy before you leave Bochum. Please visit your insurance provider to do this and take proof that you have terminated your registration at RUB, a copy of your return ticket back to your home country or proof that you have cancelled your registration at the Resident Registration Office.

Step 6: Cancel your registration at Rundfunkbeitragsservice (media licence fee)

If you have been registered for paying the TV taxes at ARD/ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice, you should deregister before you leave. Just fill in the form (download on the right side or available at the International Office). Please choose as reason for deregistration (Grund für die Abmeldung) "Ich ziehe dauerhaft ins Ausland".
You can bring the filled form to the International Office. We will send it for you.

Step 7: Close your bank account

Visit your bank to close your account. Remember to take your bank card and passport with you.

Step 8: Moving out of accommodation

Information on moving out of your accommodation can be found here:

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