Studying at RUB

The entire range of subjects at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) is divided into BA/MA courses. However, medicine and law can only be concluded with a "Staatsexamen". This examination is generally organised by government examination agencies which are under the authority of the responsible ministry, and it has to be passed to be able to work in these professions.

Please note

Admission is restricted on some of RUB's courses (NC- courses / numerus clausus). In order to gain admission onto these, you require a certain average of grades in your higher education entrance qualification (equivalent to the German "Abitur").
There is a seperate NC for international students.

Restricted courses are highlighted in the following lists:

The Bachelor / Staatsexamen Programme is an undergraduate degree course, concluding with a bachelor's degree, qualifying students for a profession.

Bachelor / Staatsexamen programmes

The Master Programme (usually 4 semesters) is a postgraduate degree programme and you require a bachelor's degree in the same subject or in a related subject to be able to enrol.

Please hand in your application for a master's degree programme as you would for a bachelor's degree programme. It will be forwarded to the faculty's examination board.

Master programmes

Contact - Admission Office

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