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On this page we have compiled all the important information you will need when you enter Germany. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you a pleasant journey! (as of 18th May 2021)

Before you enter Germany

Which prerequisites apply for entering Germany?

For entering Germany you need

  • the current letter of admission/enrollment certificate
  • An entry visa, if necessary.

The German embassy requires a certificate of attendance, where can I get one?

  • Since the summer semester 2021 at RUB is a mix of online and face-to-face teaching, attendance requirements can only be confirmed in a few cases. Ask your faculty whether such a certificate of attendance can be issued in your case.

Which entry requirements apply to me?

The Robert Koch Institute has divided all countries into different categories: Virus variant areas, high incidence areas, risk areas and all others. Depending on which country you are entering from, different regulations apply. Therefore, it is important to find out which category the country you are entering from belongs to before you travel to Germany.

Virus variant area

  • There is currently an entry ban in place!
  • In a few exceptional cases, entry is still possible. Please contact us if you are travelling from a virus-variant area and we will be able to provide you with further information.

High incidence area

Risk area

All other areas

  • You can find an overview here!
  • If you enter the country by plane, you must be tested before departure! Without a negative test result, the flight cannot be taken.

You will automatically receive important information on this topic via SMS upon entry (from 1 March 2021) and can be found on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Detailed information on entering the Federal Republic of Germany can be found on the following websites:
Federal Foreign Office: entry restrictions and quarantine regulations
Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community: Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions


Plan your arrival so that you can move straight into your room.

  • Plan the handover of keys well in advance!
  • It is best to arrive during the week, as the keys cannot be collected from the caretakers at the weekend! (AKAFÖ)

If necessary, provide for the first days in quarantine

  • Bed linen, food, ...
  • For assistance please contact

Important documents you should bring with you

  • Passport/ID card
  • Visa and proof of finance (if necessary)
  • Letter of admission/enrollment certificate
  • Housing information and lease agreement
  • Health insurance card/travel insurance certificate
  • Certified copies of important documents


  • Medication
  • Cash (approx. 300€ for the first 2 weeks)
  • 220 volt adapter

After the arrival in Germany

Do I have to go into quarantine?

As long as you bring a negative test result that is not older than 48 hours, you do not have to go into quarantine. Exception: If you enter the country from a virus variant area, you must be quarantined for 14 days despite a negative test. A shortening of the quarantine is not possible!

If you only get tested after entering the country, you will have to go into quarantine until the test result comes back. If the test is positive, you must remain in quarantine! Please note the following:

  • Quarantine begins on the day of entry and lasts up to 14 days.
  • The period of domestic quarantine is spent in your own accommodation.
  • You are not allowed to leave your apartment/room without the consent of the health authority. This also applies to the communal kitchen in the dormitories.
  • You are not allowed to receive visitors from people who are not part of your own household and you are not allowed to let anyone into your room.
  • If you live with other people, stay in different rooms and do not share items such as dishes or towels.

How to survive the quarantine


  • For assistance with food shopping, you can contact the Bochumer Ehrenamtsagentur : +49 (0) 234 6105 77 80, Mo - Fr from 10am to 4pm. The agency will connect you with a volunteer who will buy groceries and daily necessities for you. You have to pay for the groceries in advance, the service is free of charge.
  • Prepared food can be ordered e.g. via Lieferando or restaurants around your house
  • Beverages can be ordered online via Flaschenpost
  • Some supermarkets in Bochum offer a delivery service for groceries

Internet acces
In the AKAFÖ dormitories you have access to the internet, but not to the WiFi network eduroam, which is only available on campus. Please visit this website, there you will find the instructions for the AKAFÖ dormitories. If you do not have a RUB login ID yet, you can contact us to get a temporary account to access the WiFi network in the halls of residence.

  • Exchange students: Follow the instructions given by your contact person at the International Office.

Student Life, Social Media and Moodle Course Information from the International Office

Everyday life with Corona in Bochum

Masks are compulsory (FFP2 according to standard EN149 or medical mask according to standard EN14683) in

  • doctors' practices
  • all shops, supermarkets etc.
  • in some parts of the city centre of Bochum

FFP2-masks are compulsory in

  • all public transport (bus, train, underground,...) and at all stations and stops

Where exactly you have to wear a mask in Bochum is to be found here!

Free rapid tests can be done at least once a week. There are different test centres or doctor's surgeries here that do free rapid tests.

Nocturnal curfew at 7-day incidence above 100 between 10 pm and 5 am. Sport alone is allowed until midnight.

Contact restrictions

  • Personal meetings are to be reduced to an absolute minimum
  • in public spaces, a distance of 1.5 metres is to be kept
  • at 7-day incidence under 100: private meetings in public space with max. 5 persons from two households or one household plus one other person
  • at 7-day incidence above 100: private meetings with max. one household and one other person
  • Parties are prohibited!

Further information about the obligation to wear a mask and contact restrictions can be found here!

Please note: Other cities, other rules! Always find out in advance which rules apply.

Rules at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

  • Masks are compulsory on the entire campus and in all buildings
  • all places of learning are currently closed

Further information regarding the rules at the university can be found here!

Organisational matters

Support and contact points

RUBiss-Team des International Office
RUBiss – International Student Services provides support in social, cultural and university matters as well as in formal and legal matters. We support you throughout your studies - if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Psychological Study Counselling
The Psychological Study Counselling offers support with problems related to studying and other psychological stresses. You can arrange individual consultations or make use of the (digital) open office hours to learn new perspectives and work out solutions in professionally guided, trusting conversations.

University Sports Bochum
The University Sports Bochum at RUB offers sports courses for students and employees in many different sports. You can also take advantage of the university sports on offer from home.

University's Library
Even though the library is currently still closed for personal visits, you can borrow books, use the electronic resources or the scanning service. Many services are also available from home.

Study advisors of your degree programme
If you have specific questions about your degree programme, e.g. about the choice of courses for the next semester, please contact your study advisor. In this list you can find the study advisors.

  • Exchange students: Contact the subject coordinators assigned to you by the International Office. You have received the contact details by e-mail together with your admissions. If you have any questions, please contact your contact person at the International Office.

Health insurance and medical care

Health Insurance

Contact your health insurance company or take out an insurance policy if you do not already have one. You will need German health insurance as soon as you enter Germany! It is absolutely necessary for the completion of your matriculation! If you were previously exempt from paying the monthly fees (because you were abroad), you will have to repay the fees retroactively, at the earliest from the date of your matriculation. You can find out details from the RUB Student Secretariat.
Many health insurance companies offer the conclusion of contracts online, so you can still do this during the quarantine.
You can find more information and a list of local branches of statutory health insurance companies on our homepage.

  • Exchange students: Follow the instructions given by your contact person at the International Office.

Medical Care
If you have typical Covid-19 symptoms, call a doctor or the medical on-call service as soon as possible on 116 117. They will then inform you about the further procedure and whether you need to be quarantined.

City Registration

Normally, you are required to register with the city of Bochum (or your place of residence) within two weeks of your arrival. To do this, you can easily book an appointment online at a citizens' office (the closest one to the campus is the citizens' office in Querenburg). It is sufficient to book the appointment within the two-week period; the actual appointment can also be after that. If you have to go into quarantine after your arrival, make the appointment after this time in any case!

We can also assist you with the city registration at the moment. Please contact us at with the subject "city registration". We will then give you all further information about which documents we need from you. If you are in quarantine, please let us know directly.

  • Exchange students: Follow the instructions given by your contact person at the International Office.

Open a bank account

Please find out in advance which bank you would like to open an account with and compare the conditions. Some banks have branches near the university, e.g. Sparkasse Bochum. Most banks offer free accounts for students, but check the conditions carefully! If you need your bank account while you are still in quarantine, we recommend choosing a bank where you can open the account online. You can find a list of some online banks here.

Stay up to date

Useful links

  • FAQs
    We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers from international students in a FAQ.
  • Corona Warning App
    The Corona Warning App is a service provided by the federal government. The app helps to determine whether you have had contact with an infected person and are at risk of contracting the virus.
  • Tagesschau
    The Tagesschau is the news programme of the public broadcaster in Germany. In the Tagesschau you will find current news from Germany and all over the world.
  • Federal State of NRW
    Many rules are set by the individual federal states. Therefore, you should also look at the homepage of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • City of Bochum
    You can also find information about the currently valid rules on the page of the city of Bochum.
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