Public Transport

Germany has an excellent public transport system. You can easily reach almost any destination via train, bus, tram or underground. Many cities also have a sophisticated network of bicycle lanes. If you enjoy cycling, this can be a useful alternative to public transport.

Deutsche Bahn

"Deutsche Bahn" (German Rail) connects all of the larger and many of the smaller towns locally, regionally and nationally. You can purchase tickets online or at ticket machines or ticket offices at the train stations. You can buy your ticket from the ticket collector on long-distance trains if you do not have time to do so beforehand. However, it will be slightly more expensive. Please note that you do not have the opportunity to purchase tickets on regional and "S-Bahn" trains. You must buy a ticket before entering the train.

Local Transport System

There are plenty of local public transport offers in Germany including buses, trams and the underground. It is often quicker and easier to travel by bus or tram than by car during the day, especially in the larger cities due to congestion. You can buy tickets at ticket machines on the platform, or on the trams and underground trains. Bus drivers often sell tickets themselves. However, this may vary from town to town so please enquire locally. Multi-trip tickets ("Mehrfahrtenkarten") and monthly passes are cheaper to buy than individual tickets.


Taxis in Germany are relatively expensive and people usually only use them in special situations, for example at night, or when they have a lot of luggage. Prices are regulated.

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From Bochum to the airport

Bochum is situated between Dortmund Airport and Düsseldorf International Airport . Köln/Bonn Airport is also easily accessible by public transport. There are various different ways of getting to the airports:

In Bochum:

Buses, trams and the underground: Bochum has an excellent local transport system consisting of buses, trams and the underground. You can gain information about timetables and prices from the local transport company “Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr” (VRR).

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